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ECC-based User Authentication Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks

【摘要】:With the rapid development of Wireless Sensor Network(WSNs),Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 applications were deployed in recent years,such as smart home,smart city,smart grid,smart factory etc.Security is still one major concern for WSNs.Authentication between sensor nodes gateway and users is crucial in WSNs,Authentication guarantee that only the authorized nodes,gateway and users can join the secured network and get permitted data and service from the WSNs.As the hardware constraints of senor node,many new designed authentication protocols for WSNs choose lightweight cryptographic algorithms such as symmetric cryptography,hash function and binary logic operation to achieve mutual authentication,these protocols have been found have security flaws,thus,it requires researchers to develop secure and lightweight authentication protocols for WSNs.Our research work has been established with the aim of eliminating drawbacks of previous work and designing a new authentication scheme to provide the assurance of high level security.In 2016,Akansha S.et al.[46]proposed an upgraded user authentication protocol.According to the implemented cryptanalysis on their scheme,some vulnerabilities have been found in registration and authentication part.In registration part,the gateway uses generated value as secrecy and sends it to sensor node,which doesn't have information about received secret value and cannot verify its identity.In authentication part,user is unable to check legitimacy of received session key generated by sensor node.Mainly,the protocol has been implemented using only one way hash function,XOR and concatenation operations,which is not adequate to provide authentication and confidentiality.In this paper,we suggest ECC-based user authentication scheme for WSNs,which eliminates the drawbacks of the previous scheme.The protocol decreases the high cost public-key operations with the pre-computation method and Message Authentication Code(MAC)authentication operation.

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